If you and your friends are searching for a place to hang out with, feel free to join our server. You can create your own subcommunity with your own channels and rights.


We have multiple server to host some gameservers. Just ask our Teamspeak Admin's if it's possible to create a gameserver of your choice


We are programming an wide variety of stuff as an hobby so if you have some ideas to create, feel free to tell us your ideas.
Our Teamspeak use a custom levelsystem for example.

100% Free

Everything is free to use without restrictions.

No paywalls or signup required, simply join our teamspeak and be active.

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Stammbot Levelsystem

One of our Server Admins created our Levelsystem called "Stammbot"

This Levelsystem is point based. You get 0.5 points per minute.

if you want to start your own Subcommunity with your own channels. You have to be at least Stammbot Level 5

If your Level is Stammbot Level 10 or higher you can get the rights to kick and move some one on our server. This is restricted to one person per Subcommunity who act as an Subcommunity-Leader

Supported by you

Current goal: 300$
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Most of our systems is paid from our private money so if you like what we are doing become a Patreon to support our work

We are trying our best to keep all system running

This is where you come in.

With your support, not only can we keep our community alive and running, but we can improve it.

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About Us started as a small group of people in germany and is growing since March 2019

We have Subcommunities from around the world. For example Bildungselite (Germany) / OptG (Norway) / Apu (Germany) / GoldenGlory (Brazil) / ALK (Germany).

Our goal is to keep a nice community to hang out with.
If you like to meet new people or just just need a place to chill Join us.

Admin, Developer
Admin, Developer
Salty Senior
Saltfarm Facility

Join the Community is your community project.

Everything we do, we do with your help, for the greater community.